ACAP Scotland’s awards – nominate your colleagues now!!!

Who do you think needs to be recognised?

We all know people whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, who has made a genuine and considerable difference to others…..

  • Is there someone who has provided continued support and guidance to you or others and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help others?
  • Is there someone you know who has battled through their own difficulties, yet despite the obstacles or personal challenges, they remain positive and committed and are your role model or inspiration?

Who has inspired you in your career?

Why…..what qualities do they have?

Are they…

  • Passionate, exemplary, determined, committed?

Do they show….

  • Selflessness, diligence, dedication?

Tell us about these role models – let us, let them know, how great you think they are!

  • Have you known a team of people who have worked truly collaboratively to enhance patient care, a committed team who has broken boundaries or challenged traditional cultures?
  • Do you know a team or individual who has achieved results, however small, by embracing the challenges which required courage, vision and hard work or do you know an individual or team who demonstrated innovation or creativity to do something new in advanced practice?

Let them know you appreciate them and what they did……nominate them for an award!

Please see link below for our nomination form;

Nomination form ACAP 10th